Benton Central High School seniors would normally be ramping up for prom, spring athletics, extracurricular performances, and senior events such as awards night, senior day and more.

COVID-19 caused most of those things to be cancelled or postponed, but the Benton Community Foundation wants to show their seniors some love and let them know the community supports them.

A group of senior moms decided senior yard signs would be a great way to honor the class of 2020. Megan Creek, mom of senior Chase Creek, was the one who got the project started. She designed the signs and reached out to all the senior moms she knew how to connect with and started taking orders for signs.  Within hours she had orders for 65 signs.

When the Benton Community Foundation heard about the project, they contacted Megan to see if they could provide signs for ALL seniors in the class of 2020.  Andrea Bowman, Executive Director of the Foundation, says “What a great way to celebrate our local senior class who are missing out on many senior year traditions.  The signs provide a visual reminder that the community supports them.  We are honored to be able to provide a grant to purchase 118 yard signs so all of the BC seniors can be recognized”.

The signs were delivered to each senior’s home by a dedicated group of senior moms.  They met in the Benton Central parking lot, using proper social distancing rules, to distribute the signs and split the students in geographical groups.  

Heather Richey, mom of senior Halle Richey, cheerfully agreed to deliver signs saying, “this was an opportunity for our family to spread some joy by secretly delivering signs to a group of seniors in the Oxford area.  

All four of us had so much fun driving around together on a beautiful day jumping in and out of the car putting up yard signs”. 

Corey Robb, Benton Central Jr./Sr. High School Principal, and his staff have been very supportive of the senior sign project as well as finding creative ways celebrate the senior class.  The seniors and their families are very grateful to have such a strong showing of community support.