Q & A with Natalie Kidd, Benton County Clerk, about primary election voting.

Q: If residents have concerns about voting in the June 2, 2020 Primary Election where can they get answers and find out important information? 

A: Call our office with any questions or concerns at 765-884-0930 or fax at 765-884-0322 or email at nkidd@bentoncounty.in.gov. We can walk you through the process. Our office is here for you to answer your questions!


Q: When is the last day to register to vote for the Primary Election? 

A: Last day to register to vote for this Primary Election is May 4th by the end of the day, 11:59 pm.


Q: What if voters are worried about keeping social distance and staying safe, but also want to cast a ballot?

A: Request to vote by mail. Anyone can request a ballot by mail for this 2020 Primary Election. You do not need to check a reason. Due to the COVID19 the SOS has made it possible for every registered voter to vote by mail.


Q: When is the deadline to request to vote by mail?

A: May 21, 2020.


Q: How do you request an absentee ballot to vote by mail?

A: Simply go to this web site https://indianavoters.in.gov/  – Click into GET ABSENTEE FORMS, and then select ABS-MAIL PRIMARY 2020. Fill out the form. 


Q: Where does the request to vote form need to be sent?

A: You can email, fax, or mail the application to our office: 

Email to nkidd@bentoncounty.in.gov 

Send to Benton County Clerk, Courthouse, 706 East 5th Street, Fowler, Indiana 47944

Fax to 765-884-0322