A rock-painting hobby has turned into a small capital raising venture for a 15-year-old girl in Fowler with the goal being an eventual driver’s license and an accessible van. 

Susan Hasser who works with Fowler resident – and soon to be Benton Central sophomore  Breanne Butler – brought some rocks over to paint for fun in early March, with the idea of finding some things to keep her busy while everyone was staying home. Breanne says she’s been painting them ever since.

And that’s no exaggeration. Hundreds of rocks adorn the make-shift rock painting factory in Breanne’s home.

Breanne’s mother Jami said that when talk started about selling the rocks, they thought about donating the proceeds, but then realized Breanne was going to be 16 in October, and when she gets to drive she will need a van with hand controls. This comes at a high price tag and the painted-rock business venture would be a good way for Breanne to aid in achieving that goal.

“Because her dream and desire to drive is becoming closer each day, the idea of trying to raise funds to help with the extra expenses was born,” said Hasser on a Facebook post.

A few months later, the house is full of painted rocks and hundreds have found their way through Facebook to customers.

Breanne is spending about four hours a day painting rocks now with help from Jami and Susan. She also has expanded into painting bird houses and planters.

Some ideas come off the Internet,” says Breanne. “Some just come to me.” Full of smiles, Breanne also loves to spread positive messages on her rocks. She has many already painted rocks for sale by donation and also takes specialty orders.

Search for Breanne Rocks on Facebook to find her page.